Sunday, June 15, 2008

Clifinar Competition Going Strong

Clifinar Results
The Clifinar competition is still going strong after one week with the top results remaining strong. This will force the Clifinar competitors to step up and try to find creative ways to get a high ranked position...
The game is on, and the Clifinar sharks are smelling blood!
May the best Clifinar mind win!
And by the way... Ophir Cohen has an intriguing blog about Web Marketing. He's also participating in the Clifinar competition.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Clifinar: The Origin

Clifinar Origin
As we are caught up in the competitive nature of the Clifinar competition, it is important to write a few informative words about the origin of the word Clifinar.

Clifinar is a word that evolved from SEO guru Clifton Flack. After aquiring his SEO skills through self teaching, research, and experimentation, Clifton Flack decided to pass on his knowledge to a select few in one of the top SEO firms in the world - Compucall Web Marketing Ltd. Rapidly making his mark and becoming an SEO authority inside the company, Clifton wasted no time and started passing on his SEO knowledge in a weekly SEO seminar, which then became known as a Clifinar, merging the words 'seminar' and 'Clifton'.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Clifinar 2008 Competition is Underway

Clifinar 2008 competition is underway and everyone is very excited. The gloves are off and SEO bright minds are looking for innovative ways to win the game and collect the prize! The object of the game is to land the number one ranked result for the word "Clifinar" in the Google search results. The rules state that this feet can only be achieved while employing legitimate SEO techniques, without the use of money or 'below the belt' tactics.
May the best Clifinar mind win!